Maral Artinian

A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Maral Artinian has lived in various countries amongst many diverse cultures. She attributes her playful creativity and innovative design inspiration to the wide variety of influences and the amazing women she has encountered across three continents. Her unique and winding journey finally brought her to New York City where she thrives on the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of the fashion capital of the world.

As the daughter of an Armenian retail jeweler and diamond wholesaler, fine jewelry has always been a part of Maral’s DNA. She grew up helping in her father’s jewelry boutique alongside her brothers. She mastered the art of customer service at a young age, discovering the critical importance of listening to the customer’s needs. She later studied Psychology and Business at Concordia University, achieving a practical understanding of business development in the dynamic, modern world. Later, she began working in fine jewelry sales, traveling and finding herself once again face to face with a wide variety of both retailers and consumers. She intuitively recognized a need in the marketplace for more fashion-forward, female self-purchase fine jewelry for everyday wear. And the inspiration for the MARLI brand was born.

From her desire to empower women with distinctive, modern, fashion-forward jewelry designed for self-purchase and everyday use, Maral founded and launched the MARLI brand in 2014 in New York City. Backed by her family’s extensive collective experience in the fine jewelry industry, Maral set out to offer today’s women contemporary jewels rooted in minimalism, sophistication and exquisite craftsmanship. Her designs are inspired by travel, architecture and fashion with the ultimate goal of empowering women to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality.